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Adam's Leather

I started out wanting a pirate hat for a pirate costume, but having a head that's larger than most I couldn't buy one. This left me having a go at making my own.  I found tutorials, I got the leather and the tools and I got to work. with the scrap I made other bits to go on the costume and a few bags, a friend saw the bags and offered to buy one for his dice and several versions of that dice bag later and I was happy with the design 

Many many more bags after that and I had more than I needed for myself and more than I could sell to local friends so I started at craft fairs  now I make other designs, other styles and adore working with leather, everything I sell is hand crafted by me and I cant imagine stopping

As I have worked to make the selection of dice bags my design has evolved, sometimes it's to improve the quality and feel of the bags sometimes its to improve the process of making them, I'm always trying to achieve a level of quality that I'd be happy and proud to use myself.

Jo's Pyrography

I started out working with pieces of Adams scrap leather, a soldering iron with a set of tips I found in the bargain bin at hobby craft and just had a go, I had an affinity for the timing and the layout to get the best depth and colour from each burn.

next up I made simple games where the leather bag that contained the pieces was the game board, woggles for scouts even a few Christmas decorations

recently i have graduated from a soldering iron to a proper pyrography set up, the finer tips and much improved pen style handle lead to greater refinement of my work and opens up a whole new world in wood as well as leather

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